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Original pocket doors
add drama
14 ft. ceiling heights


Fort Conde Village

206 South Royal Street

View from St. Emanuel Street

The Front Porch

Authentic mahogany mantles
set off beautiful "negro marquina"
Black Marble Fireplaces
all piped for natural gas log fires

Side View showing courtyard and rear atrium

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Lawrence Posner
Fort Conde Restoration Ventures, LLC

163 St. Emanuel Street
Mobile, Alabama 36602

Tel: 845 471 8848

Lawrence Posner: 845 684 0146

Step up in style:
Rich 150-year-old heart
pine floors and treads
mahogany handrail


Victorian chandelier replica of
lacquered brass made by
Victorian Light Works
of Pennsylvania hangs from
restored Victorian plaster
ceiling filigree


With a total of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of beautifully restored commercial office space, the Spear-Barter House, located at 163 St. Emanuel Street in Fort Conde Village, includes nine offices within 3 separate historical structures innovatively connected by a glass and steel atrium.

Rental Information

This space is available for rent as individual offices or as separate units by building. The main building includes a total of 4 offices and 1.5 baths on 2 floors. Building 2 includes a total of 3 offices, one on ground level and two on second level. Building 3 includes a total of 2 offices, one on each level. Tenants of buildings 2 and 3 share access to baths and kitchenettes on two levels in adjoining atrium space. See Floor Plans.

This handsome property has been completely restored in the style and design of the area’s original character while updating all systems for today’s ultimate in convenience and luxury. Period fixtures, marble fireplaces, rich wood, and 14 ft. ceilings enhance the ambience in every room. The property’s bright, cheery environment is the result of large windows in each office in addition to the rear atrium’s completely windowed walls.

The property's pretty exterior is punctuated by the dramatic presence of a majestic Southern Live Oak, which gets its name from its year-round evergreen characteristic. The front porch features a two-storied cast iron gallery consisting of trellises, brackets, frieze and balustrade in a delicate foliated design, completely restored by a foundry in Montgomery. In addition to precisely executed brick walkways and meticulous landscaping for year-round beauty, there is a rear courtyard between the Spear-Barter and Hall-Ford properties.

Historical Background

The Spear-Barter House property is one of the two largest projects Posner-Volper Company has undertaken in the small enclave of historical structures just south of Fort Conde near the downtown waterfront. According to Mobile's Historic Preservation Certificate for this property, "the Spear-Barter House was built by Isaac D. Spear in 1857 for a local iron foundry owner and is one of the most elegant buildings in the district. It is an important survival of an urban Italianate structure fine tuned by the addition of the cast iron gallery (and) the climatic and cultural particularities of the Gulf Coast. The property is further significant for the survival of the brick dependencies, a rarity now in downtown Mobile."

Posner-Volper's other major project still under restoration is adjacent to the Spear-Barter House
: The Hall-Ford House, a nine-room bed and breakfast, is "one of the most significant historic houses in the city," according to city architectural historian John Sledge. A unique blend of two motifs, it is part Creole-cottage with a more formal Greek Revival style.

About the Atrium

Starting with a blank canvas of dirt (literally), the concrete and steel atrium utilizes 1 5/8" insulated and laminated glass, rated for hurricanes to Category 3. It encloses the two rear brick "dependencies" or ancillary outbuildings of the era in a way to creatively preserve the historical authenticity of the structures within while making the environment suitable to modern commercial enterprise. The atrium allows weather-protected access to all three structures on two levels while providing baths and kitchenettes to
tenants on each floor. A modern staircase bridges the two levels while offering breathtaking views of downtown Mobile in the distance. Posner-Volper Company, working with their ongoing Fort Conde Village project architects, Holmes & Holmes of Mobile, were able to devise an innovative solution to successful restoration while simultaneously accomplishing commercial goals and satisfying stringent city architectural scrutiny. No small feat, to say the least!

Buildings 2 and 3, the rear "dependencies," have been
enclosed within a steel,
concrete and glass atrium.

From a courtyard perspective,
the glass enclosed area "reads" architecturally as rear porch
to the main building,
then atrium, then rear porch
of the main dependency on a different level.

The distant view of
downtown Mobile
from the Atrium

Staircase in Atrium

An innovative contrast
of styles



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